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International Accommodation Award
Scholarship Name International Accommodation Award
Academic Year 2023
Scholarship amount £2,000
Nationality Any

We are delighted to provide international fee-paying students with our International Accommodation Award, giving students the option of their university accommodation with a £2,000 discount or entirely free of charge. Terms and conditions apply.

This housing scholarship is applicable for the duration of the taught element of your studies if you are studying a Bachelors degree, Masters degree or a Foundation course. In some cases PhD students may also be eligible. 

We have plenty of availability, however, a room on campus is not guaranteed, and is allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Students must apply for accommodation by the stated deadlines to be eligible for a room. 

The University has several different accommodation buildings. The housing scholarship is different depending on which building you choose. Places in Cwrt Mawr are free of charge for international students, whilst, all other on-campus options include a £2,000 discount.  

All on-campus rooms are single occupancy, meaning you will need to find alternative private accommodation in town if you plan to live in Aberystwyth with family members or other dependants. 

All on-campus rooms are inclusive of utility bills and Wi-Fi, with residents also benefitting from free of charge Platinum gym membership at the University’s Sports Centre.


The number of weeks in your accommodation occupation contract is important, so always make sure you check it covers the duration of your study.

Bachelor’s students (UG):

your accommodation will be available to you for 39 or 40 weeks. This means you will need to find alternative housing if you choose to stay in Aberystwyth over the summer months before term starts again in September. This could be in town in private accommodation, or on-campus if there is space available – the accommodation office will be able to help advise. There will be a cost for summer accommodation.

Master’s students (PG):

your accommodation will ordinarily be available to you for 50 weeks. If you wish to stay longer in Aberystwyth you will need to find, and pay for, alternative accommodation. This could be in town in private accommodation, or on-campus if there is space available. 

PhD students (PG):

if you are eligible for the International Accommodation Award, the license pack will be for 50 weeks. This means there will be two weeks in September where you will need to find alternative accommodation before the next term starts.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The International Accommodation Award is only available for students paying international tuition fees.

  2. Whilst we will make every effort to accommodate all international students, room allocation is on a first-come first-served basis and rooms on campus are not guaranteed.

  3. Bachelors students will be able to live in their allocated room for 39 or 40 weeks per year. If staying in Aberystwyth between academic years, alternative accommodation on campus, or in private accommodation elsewhere, is necessary over the summer months between June and September when the next term begins.

  4. Masters students will be able to live in their allocated room for 50 weeks. If they wish to stay in Aberystwyth for longer, they must find alternative accommodation on campus or in private accommodation elsewhere.

  5. Eligible PhD students will be able to live in their allocated room for 50 weeks per year. There will be two weeks in September where they must find alternative private accommodation.

  6. In order to choose and secure a room through the Accommodation Portal, students must have accepted their offer of study, paid their tuition dee deposit (if applicable) and if asked to do so, completed their pre-CAS interview and financial documentation checks. Students must familiarise themselves with the University’s deposit policy before making a payment. This deposit makes up part of the tuition fees.

  7. In the unlikely case that a student with a conditional offer to study at the University does not ultimately meet the conditions stated in their offer letter or does not meet the conditions to acquire a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) for their visa, the deposit will be refunded in full. However, concessions cannot be made for fluctuations in the exchange rate. Students should therefore feel confident that Aberystwyth is their preferred choice for study and that they will achieve the academic grades required and be able to provide the correct documentation and English language ability to secure a visa before they pay their deposit.

  8. Deposits will not be refunded if the student meets all the University’s conditions, but changes their mind about studying at Aberystwyth University.

  9. If students are not required to pay a tuition fee deposit to the University (because they will be funded by an external organisation), they will still be able to access the Accommodation Portal.

  10. There is no housing on campus for students with dependants (family members). All rooms on campus are single occupancy only. Therefore, students planning to travel with dependants will need to find private accommodation in Aberystwyth town and will not be eligible for the International Accommodation Award. Find out more about private accommodation available.

  11.  PhD students will only be eligible for the International Accommodation Award if they meet all the conditions below:

    1. The student is self-funding at least 50% of their tuition fees. I.e. they are not in receipt of another scholarship covering more than 50% of their tuition fees.

    2. The student will be paying for their own living costs. I.e. they are not receiving any stipend for their living expenses.

    3. The student is not bringing any family or dependants with them.

  12. If a postgraduate PhD student meets all the conditions above, they must email accommodation@aber.ac.uk with their name, applicant ID number, and confirmation that they meet the conditions above. The accommodation team will check that the student is eligible and, if so, will give them access to the International Accommodation Award.

  13. Students whose degree programmes last more than one year must reapply for accommodation on an annual basis. Again, the first-come first-served policy will apply. Returning international students will still be eligible for the International Accommodation Award, but there is no guarantee that they will remain in the same room or building.

  14. No discounts can be provided for accommodation that is not managed by the University.

  15. All normal regulations concerning accommodation licenses and application deadlines apply.

  16. Students on International English Centre (IEC) Pre-sessional and International Foundation courses are entitled to free Cwrt Mawr accommodation on a first come first serve basis.

  17. Students on exchange programmes who do not pay tuition fees do not have access to the International Accommodation Award (discounted or free accommodation), but can access on-campus accommodation in the same way as home tuition fee paying students.

  18. Students on study abroad programmes paying international tuition fees are eligible for the International Accommodation Award. Places are allocated on a first-come first-served basis. For more information contact global@aber.ac.uk.

  19. Students who choose to take up the International Accommodation Award but then decide to move into private accommodation elsewhere must notify the accommodation office and return their key. At this point they will no longer have access to the International Accommodation Award.

  20. Students who initially move into one accommodation building, but later decide to move to a different University-managed building, will have free accommodation or £2,000 discount applied to the new accommodation on a pro-rata basis (at a nightly rate).

  21. Moving accommodation is subject to availability and requires you to complete a Transfer Request.

  22. Please note that there are many international students who choose to live in Cwrt Mawr. Students who choose this accommodation building, will likely be living with other international students from a mixture of countries all over the globe.

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